Transportation Mexico City Benito Juarez Airport


At the airport there are 2 land terminals with various bus routes that run 24 hours daily to the main cities and points of interest that are located in Mexico City and vicinities as Cuernavaca, Tlaxcala, Puebla, Toluca, Pachuca, Querétaro, Córdoba and San Juan del Río.



- Cuernavaca - $230.00

- Pachuca - $182.00

- Puebla - $290.00

- Querétaro - $385.00

- Toluca - $190.00

- Córdoba - $490.00

- San Juan del Rio - $249.00

- Orizaba - $470.00

- Celaya - $443.00


*Rate are subject to change.


Location to catch the bus:

- Terminal 1: Upper and Ground Floor

- Terminal 2: Ground Floor



It is a public method of transportation runned by the government of Mexico City.

From Mexico airport Metrobus provides service to/from Mexico City, including the most interesting places at the capital of México.


Line 4

Passengers can take Line 4 of Metrobus from the airport. The line starts near Buenavista Station (west of the city), where the subway and Route 1 and 3 of Metrobus are located, and goes to the MEX airport.

Line 4 it also goes to San Lázaro Metro, where passengers can catch suburban trains or other methods of transportation. All buses have reserved spaces for wheelchairs as well as for luggage and security cameras.


Location Line 4 Metrobus:

- Terminal 1, Entrance 7

- Terminal 2, Entrance 2

Hours: metrobus runs daily.

Destinations departing from the airport: Metro San Lázaro - TAPO bus station - Historic Centre - Metro Buenavista - Buenavista Station

Rates from the airport (one way): $30 pesos

Method of payment: with Metrobús smart card. Passengers can purchase it at the machines located at both terminals.

Service runs:

- From Monday to Saturday - 04.30 am to 00.00 am

- On Sundays and holidays _ 05.00 am to 00.00 am



The Metro Station that is closest to México airport is “Terminal Aérea Station” and passengers may take Line 5, which runs from Pantitlán to Politécnico.


The Station is located just a few minutes by walk from AICM Terminal 1. Terminal 2 doesn’t have direct connection but is located 750 meters (2,300 feet) from Pantitlan, a station that have Metro Lines A, 1, 5 and 9 as well as bus services.


Rates (one way): $3 pesos


There are reusable smart cards that passengers can purchase at the stations for $10.

Passengers with disabilities or Seniors can take the metro for free.


- From Monday to Friday - 05.00 am to 00.00 am

- Saturdays - 06.00 am to 00.00 am

- Sunday and holidays - 07.00 am to 00.00 am


Trolleybus: Line G links the bus stop that is located close to the Metro with Boulevard Puerto Aéreo Station. This route allow passengers to transfer to Line 1 of the Metro.



Only taxis by SCT Secretaría de Comunicaciones y Transportes are authorized to provide service at the airport. Currently there are the following taxi groups offering service at México airport (MEX): Porto Taxi, Sitio 300, Nueva Imagen, Excelencia, Confort and Yellow Cab.


It’s very important to pay attention about the distances and times before use the taxi services in México City. Passengers must purchase the corresponding ticket in authorized retail outlets before use the taxi services. We strongly recommend you to pick up an authorized taxi at the airport.


There are two different options of vehicles available: for 4 passengers or for 8 passengers.

- Ordinary service - for 4 passengers

- Business service - for 8 passengers


Location to take a taxi: Entrances at both terminals, 1 and 2.

Rates: We recommend you to check the prices of the taxi rides that are posted in a visible place next to the taxi rank. If you don’t find it, ask for the information.


Taxis operate 24 hours daily. Tips are well accepted.


Transportation between terminals: Aerotren / Buses

For passengers with hand baggage, technical/cabin crew, employees:


At México airport there is the Airtrain (Aérotren) that runs between terminals. Location:

- Terminal 1: halfway point of the Puente de Pilotos (bridge), gate D.

- Terminal 2: adjacent to the Domestic Departure area, close to gate M.


Both terminals are separated by 3 km (1,9 miles) and travel time to go from one station to another is about 5 minutes. Aerotren trains depart every 10-12 minutes.


Hours: from 5 am to 11 pm daily.

Payment: passengers may pay directly to the driver, and the medical insurance and civil liability is included in the price of the ticket.

Vehicles are accessible by wheelchair ramps.

For the Public in General that need to transport between terminals, there are public buses available.



- Terminal 1: gate 6.

- Terminal 2: gate 4.


Hotel Shuttles

Various hotels located in the vicinities of the airport and in México City provide Hotel Shuttle service to their guests.


- T1 - entrance 4

- T2 - On the Ground Floor, request a hotel shuttle service


We recommend you to ask to your hotel if do you have the hotel shuttle service available directly to your hotel before your arrival at México airport.


Car rental

Various car rental agencies provide service at México airport. Check in here the various vehicles, options and prices and book online your car! There is one vehicle waiting for you in MEX airport!